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Fundpath is a critical data and business intelligence service for the wealth and asset management industry.

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Meet our leadership team

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Jamie Hinchliffe

Jamie is passionate about the power of data and devoted to driving efficiencies within the fund distribution landscape. He previously co-founded investment publishing company Last Word Media and has 28 years’ B2B financial experience.

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

Allan Goodridge

Allan is responsible for launching new products, ensuring our asset management clients get the very best out of Fundpath and managing the customer success team. Allan has over 20 years’ financial industry experience.

Chief Technology and Data Officer & Co-Founder

Tom Porter

Tom works to ensure that our applications run as smoothly as possible. He has more than 20 years’ global financial experience and has held numerous executive board positions for fast growing startups.

Chief Growth Officer

Adam Harrison

Adam spreads the word of Fundpath, demonstrating how it improves the flow of information and democratises data across the investment industry. His career in funds distribution spans more than 20 years.

Chief Marketing Officer

Flora Scott

Flora manages communications at Fundpath, ensuring our messaging reflects how our products are transforming investment distribution. She has 15 years’ financial services experience, ranging from pensions to asset management.

Head of Insight

Siobhan McGirr

Siobhan is responsible for keeping all Fundpath Insight data up-to-date and providing access to the wealth management community in the UK, Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland. She specialises in building relationships with fund selectors and investment managers.

Head of HR

Allanagh Roderick

Allanagh is responsible for our people – who are the very core of our organisation. Allanagh was previously at Last Word Media and brings over 20 years of HR experience to Fundpath.

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Marc Hartog

Marc is responsible for helping Fundpath deploy venture capital to scale the business and futureproof our financial systems and reporting. His expertise has been honed over 25 years in a variety of sectors.

Head of Customer Success

Benjamin Martin

Ben is a fervent customer success leader, committed to delivering on all definitions of success. He has spent over a decade devising and implementing client-oriented programmes and solutions.

Head of Primary Data

Kelly Rogers

Kelly constantly strives for accurate, clean intelligence to improve our Knowledge Bank, as well as developing new strategies to ensure that the procedures followed are ergonomic, leaving us with data that is both reliable and useful to our clients.

The information disconnect
We bridge the information disconnect between buyers and sellers of funds.

Those responsible for buying funds share data and business intelligence with Fundpath in order to streamline the communication they receive.
Fundpath shares this information with it’s subscribers – the fund selling community – to support their distribution processes.

Unique, relevant and timely information results in a more efficient marketplace and superior client experience all round.

Helping promote a low-carbon future

More insightful, relevant engagement improves efficiency and reduces wastage.

Fundpath will, over time, reduce the carbon footprint of the industry by enabling super-targeted meetings based on relevant and accurate insight.

More effective practices will also help reduce the industry’s indirect carbon emissions (scope 3).

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