A qualitative research assessment of Fundpath by its users

Conducted by Research in Finance, 2023

Allan Goodridge
CCO & Co-Founder


Over 80 asset management companies now subscribe to Fundpath to better serve their wealth management clients.

We recently asked Research in Finance to conduct a review of our user to gain insight into how they are using Fundpath and how it fits within their workflow, to assess the information quality and experience, and to explore where we could add more value to our clients.


Key findings

  • Fundpath is very popular with its users and some even regard it as a transformative piece of technology for their role.
  • Many comment that Fundpath has met a need in the market that seems obvious now, but that no one previously saw and delivered on in quite this way.
  • It has become indispensable to all the firms we spoke to.
  • Satisfaction with the operation of the app is high. It is considered very simple to master on first exposure, and easy and intuitive to use.

Research in Finance found that Fundpath fulfils a genuine need

In many cases Fundpath transforms how asset management distribution teams identify and pursue opportunities.

The overall image users have of Fundpath is:

  • It allows them to be targeted, where sales approaches were previously “scatter-fire”, resulting in huge efficiency savings.
  • It enables a data-driven sales process, rather than relying on rather random personal contacts or past history. Feels like the modern way of selling.
  • It is organised, professional – well-presented information, neat, easy and quick to use.
  • It feels current and future-facing – looking at what target investors are doing now and in the near future, rather than hunches based on old information or insights.

For most, Fundpath is very highly valued indeed, and has largely delivered so far on expectations. All in this sample of users see Fundpath as now playing a unique and invaluable role in their business. None would consider dropping it; all are interested in taking it even further and integrating it more into their business.

Most find Fundpath a huge help to the sales process. It efficiently identifies relevant investors in ways they could not otherwise do. They perceive the benefits of Fundpath to the sales process as:

  • Helping them find firms they would never otherwise have found.
  • Helping them connect individuals within firms they would not otherwise have known.
  • Being much more up to date on what firms’ latest positions and needs are.
  • Time saving – getting to the relevant names much more quickly.
  • Giving them an “in” with new prospects instead of “cold calling”, e.g. mentioning Fundpath in the approach email very often gets a response.

For most, it is integrated into the daily routine, usually first thing. On top of this are the more detailed ad hoc searches. The general level of information is considered very good, and generally reliable.

Notes on qualitative research findings

Research in Finance conducted qualitative research using free-flowing conversations with a number of Fundpath users to cover the detail of their experience. The findings of this research were used to generate clues about user experience and needs. It did not measure opinion, nor does it form comprehensive coverage of all users’ experiences and views.

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